Gas Provider Change

Basically, everyone who pays directly with the energy provider is free to choose his provider, no matter whether he is the owner of a house, of a flat or as tenant.  When the renter has a direct contract with the gas provider, the tenant can only try to convince him of the advantage of a change.  But, how does a change of the gas provider works? Changing the gas provider is free of charge and very simple, because, after selection of a future provider, one can handle all necessary steps online, via telephone or – if available, in a local store of the provider, thus, one do not have to get round  to contact the headquarters of the provider.  After having found the provider with the most favourable rates on a gas price comparison portal, it is possible to start directly with the change to the new provider by filling in the input form. The only things one will need are the indications on the last annual statement, as e.g. the number of the gas meter, the meter reading, and your customer account number, the envisaged date of the change and the name of the local gas provider.  The gas meter will easily to be found in the cellar or in the entrance or corridor area. Or one will simply ask the renter or the property management for the gas meter. The number of the gas meter can be seen either on the last invoice or on the gas meter itself. As in the meantime there are a lot of gas providers, who are competing against the basic suppliers and energy giants, one have to find the necessary clarity to discover one’s way to the most favourable gas provider.  Exactly this is the reason why it is necessary to carry out an online comparison. The gas tariff calculator will find the most favourable provider among the many offers. The only facts one will need is the postal code, the amount of the present supply and the heating output.

Gas tariffs for all desires

Each consumer has other ideas and basic premises and this makes it not easy to be fair to all. Therefore the options leave open the possibility to refine the search results. If one is searching for gas tariffs with guaranteed prices, new customer bonus or tariffs for eco-gas, with choosing the right options one will find the suitable provider with the gas cost calculator.  The new gas provider will care for cancellation of the contract with the former provider. In most cases he will wait for the termination of the 14-days withdrawal period, customers have after conclusion of a contract.  But if the old contract provides for a special right of termination, it is advisable to terminate the old contract by oneself, because the time limits are then very tight.  After receipt of the contract confirmation it will make sense to check the conditions of the new contract.


After changing the gas provider one will get the invoice from the new provider and after six to eight weeks he will overtake gas delivery.  The new provider rents the pipes and the gas meter from the former one, therefore no technical changes are necessary and the customer will get the gas without any interruption.  The gas meters will be read either by the former or by the new gas provider, repair works will be done by the local provider. The agreed upon part payments will, however, only be paid to the new gas provider. Already paid partial payments to the former provider will be remitted with the final account. It is advisable to perform the gas price comparison by means of a gas calculator, before one chooses a new gas provider.